Biography of Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was an American statesman and a professional lawyer who served as the 16th President of the United States of America from March 1861 to April 1865.

Date of Birth: 12 February 1809

Date of Death: 15 April 1865

Birthplace: Hardin County, Kentucky

Height: 6’4

Children: 4

Political Party: Republican

Education: Self-educated 

Presidency: 1861-1865


Abraham Lincoln was born on 12 February 1809  Hodgenville Kentucky (a state of united states). he was the second child of his parents Thomas and Nancy Hanks Lincoln.

His parents were married on 12 June 1806 in Washington County, and after the marriage, they moved to Elizabethtown.  lincoln had one sister ( Sarah Lincoln ) and one brother ( Thomas Lincoln, Jr. )

His father bought/leased several farms in Kentuck and started farming but a land title dispute soon forced him to move from there In 1811, his family moved to Knob Creek Farm where his father acquired title to 230 acres of land.

His father started farming there and also bought some other lands there. his family was happily living there but in 1815 a person claimed his ownership on some parts of his land and sought to eject the family from the farm.

his father lost 616 acres of land in that land dispute case, frustrated over lack of security provided by the Kentucky title survey system. his father decided to sell the remaining land he held in Kentucky in 1814.

and started making plans to move Indiana, where the land survey process was more reliable and the ability for an individual to retain land titles was way more secure.

In the year 1816, his family moved to Indiana, where they settled in an “unbroken forest”.

During the family’s years in Kentucky and Indiana, his father did various types of works including farming, cabinetmaking, and carpenting.

his father and mother were also was members of a Separate Baptists church which had restrictive moral standards and opposed alcohol, dancing, and slavery.

Several significant family events took place during Lincoln’s youth in Indiana.

On 5 October 1818, his mother  Nancy Lincoln passed away. On 2 December 1819, Lincoln’s father did his second marriage. he married to  Sarah “Sally” Bush Johnston, who was a widow from Elizabethtown, Kentucky, with the three children of her own.

Abraham became very close to his stepmother,

in his youth life, Lincoln used to dislike the hard labor associated with frontier life. his relatives family members thought for a time that he is lazy for all his “reading, scribbling, writing, ciphering, writing Poetry, etc.”

His stepmother Sarah acknowledged the fact that he did not enjoy “physical labor”, but he loves to read.

Lincoln was mostly a self-educated man.

In early March 1830, out of fear of a milk sickness outbreak along the Ohio River, many members from the Lincoln family moved west to Illinois, a non-slaveholding state, and settled in Macon County, 10 miles west from Decatur.

In the year1840, Lincoln did his marriage with  Mary Todd, she was from a wealthy slave-holding family in Lexington.

In the year 1832, at age of 23, Lincoln with his partner bought a small general store on credit in New Salem, Illinois but the business struggled and Lincoln eventually sold his share.

Then in March 1832, he began his political career with his first campaign for the Illinois General Assembly. through which he gained local popularity.

Before the election, Lincoln served as a captain in the Illinois Militia during the Black Hawk War.

In August 6 election for the Illinois General Assembly.  he finished eighth out of 13 candidates (the top four were elected), he received 277 of the 300 votes cast in the New Salem precinct.

Lincoln served as New Salem’s postmaster and later as county surveyor.

After that, he then decided to become a lawyer and began teaching himself law by reading various law books.

he became an able and a successful lawyer with the reputation as a formidable adversary during cross-examinations and closing arguments.

In the early 1830, Lincoln was a steadfast Whig and professed to friends in 1861 to be “an old line Whig”

Lincoln favored economic modernization in banking, protective tariffs to fund internal improvements including railroads, and espoused urbanization as well his party also supported his thoughts.

Lincoln elected as the House of Representatives in the year 1846.

On the matter of foreign and military policy, Lincoln spoke out against the Mexican–American War, which he described as President Polk’s desire for “military glory—that attractive rainbow, that rises in showers of blood”

On 6 November 1860, Lincoln was elected as the 16th president of the United States. He was the very first president from the Republican Party.

Lincoln had received 1,866,452 votes, and the runner-up Douglas had received 1,376,957 votes.

The victory of Abraham Lincoln was decisive: he had 180 and his opponents added together had only 123.

He served as the President of the United States from March 1861 to April 1865.




1. He was the First president from Republican Party.

2. He used to hate His Nickname “Abe”.

3. He was the Tallest among All US Presidents.

4. He Is the Only President of united states to Hold a Patent.

5. His Dog Fido was also Assassinated.

6. He Had already Dreamt about His Assassination before It Happened.

7. He didn’t have a middle name. Lincoln went through his life with two names.

8. He was shot on Good Friday.

9. He was the first president to be assassinated.

10. He was a fruit lover.

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